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Cynthia Potter

Cynthia Potter

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This had a papier maché/collage inside a fabric envelope.
This was a homage to the bear with a bad reputation that caused the trails at Warren Wilson to be closed down. Does anyone know the real story? Papier maché head, wire halo and fabric body. (mailed as is)
Mask with collage. Address & label on back. Tap into your primitive ancient memory.
Mail art

These are pieces I sent to the Courtyard Gallery for their "Anything Goes—Everything Shows" Mail Art Exhibit for the past couple of years. I love doing these because I can try something different & new. It's a very freeing process because I'm sending the piece off unconditionally, no worries about being judged, accepted, and whether they will survive or not. And then I can't wait to see them again at the show and what everyone else has come up with!
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