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Cynthia Potter

Cynthia Potter

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Papier Maché

I love the sculptural quality of Papier Maché. It has many different forms, from layered strips over a form or mold, to Papier Maché pulp that can be formed by hand into free forms or filled inside a mold. Just about any paper can be used… newspaper, tissue, magazines, wrapping paper.

My main focus are these wonderful puppet beings. Before starting, I sketch and write down ideas. Sometimes the look is formal, or representative, other times it’s abstract. As I make the puppets, their personalities continue to emerge. For the Papier Maché process, I mostly use strips of newspaper around a base structure I have created from foil, wire and cardboard. I will also make my own Papier Maché pulp to make softer shapes. This process takes several days to complete to allow time for drying in between stages. The heads are then sanded, finished and faces are handpainted. I sew together the bodies with interesting fabrics, adding embellishments. Finally, I give the puppets their names! Each one is unique and uses recycled materials!

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