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Cynthia Potter

Cynthia Potter

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Woven Creations


The shawls are done on triangular looms. I love working on these because I can start a project right away without having to warp or thread anything! The tri-loom uses one continuous weft weaving in and out. I usually use 2 yarns at a time so that the shawl comes out more substantial and I love mixing yarns. Working on tri-looms often produces a plaid effect, which can be nice, but I enjoy changing my yarns randomly to create a more blended result, or creating gradations. Shawls can be secured with a decorative pin, or sometimes I add buttons. The small ones keep your neck and tops of your shoulders warm, and they create a nice decorative look. Wear them around your waist too!

Doubleweave Handbags

These doubleweave bags are great for a night out on the town. They can be worn long, or short by tying a knot in the strap.

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